Terms & Conditions

1. The Website / App is an online platform which enables users to book the services of persons providing all type of home appliance Repair & Services including cleaning, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and pest control service…, etc

2. The user information provided by you should be very accurate and genuine.

3. The mobile phone number provided by you has been validly acquired under applicable law, and you may be contacted on the number by way of calls or SMS messages by us or our Service partner.

4. As mentioned in our website that inspection charges will be charged if our Service partner comes to your address. After the arrival of the Service partner to your address, if you cancel the service at that time inspection charges will be charged.

5. Inspection charges will be only for the detection of a problem to your service. A service charge will be based on the work performed and the service given by a provider after completing the work.

6. If you perform any transactions with Service partner personnel without informing the company, the company is not responsible for any damage.

7. Share your user Information with a Service partner who may use the same to contact you, including on your mobile phone.

8. If you call the Service partner's personal number, the company is not responsible. You have to contact only by click to the call button which beside your booked service.

9. The Website and App is a platform that enables users to interact with Service partners and any transactions between you and any Service partner are strictly bi-partite. We cannot be a party to, or control in any manner, any transaction between you and any Service partner. We are not here to mediate or resolve any disputes or disagreements between you and any Service partner.

10. All the third party advertisements, hyperlinks, or the other redirection tools on the Website / App which take you to content operated by the third parties are not controlled by Us and do not form part of the Website / App. We are not liable for any of the loss or harm that occurs to you as a result of such sites.

11. You agree to be very fair and accurate and not disparaging while you are leaving the comments, feedback and testimonials and reviews on or about the Website / App or the Services, You acknowledge that you transfer all rights in such Feedback to Us and that we will be free to use the same as we may find appropriate.

12. The information on Website / App or given through services is completely true and accurate or non-misleading.

13. Any problems or defects in the Website / App or Services will be corrected frequently and updated.

14. The personal information you supply to our company when you use this Website / App or the Services will be used by our privacy policy.

15. Service partners may try to ask the personal information regarding your mobile numbers and other contact details and they may harass you and criticize you by doing frequent calls. For all this type of cause, our company is not responsible.

16. Be along with the Service partner from arrival time to departure time and make the Service partner do work. "AtoZ service" is not responsible for any of your belongings that have been missed after the departure of the Service partner.

17. "AtoZ service" will cancel the order without any information to the customer, when the customer will not respond to AtoZ service or Service partner phone call. When the Service partner is not available we will keep your order in the hold and we will complete your order as soon as the availability of the Service partner.

18. Sunday is a holiday. If you book any service on Sunday, then we will try to send it on that day. If not the next day.

19. On every government, holiday service will not be provided.

20. If any requirement of spare parts for your appliance it is well and good to bring them yourself. In the case of our Service partner bringing them an additional charge may be applied depending on its availability & distance covered to reach the retailer shop.

21. AtoZ service platform is only a mediator for Service partners and customers. No bill will be issued for spare parts in the name of the company.

22. Offers & Discounts are not applied to service/inspection charges.

23. We have partnered with the best Service partner near your location, not with salary-based employees. immediately after booking our service, your work will be assigned to the Service partner near you. AtoZ Service is not responsible for any transactions which are done with the Service partner. but, to solve the problem AtoZ service will help you.

24. If the Service partner doesn't do the work properly or if you inform us that he did any fraud we will remove him from our platform. so, if any mistake is done by the Service partner please inform us.

25. AtoZ service company provides you with a good Service partner who is nearby you. If the Service partner makes any Mistake or won't work properly, the problem does not belong to the AtoZ service company. The problem belongs to the Service partner. if you want to complain about the Service partner, our company will be giving complete details about the Service partner.

26. If you want service today you must book before 5 PM. if you book after 5 PM it may be not possible. As soon as possible we will send it today or tomorrow.

27. In areas where our employees (servants) are not available, we will send third parties who are not related to us. So be careful when giving away any valuables or money. We will not be responsible for anything you lose. 

28. Intellectual property in Website / App, and in material, content information made available on the Website / App including graphics, images, photographs, logos, trademarks, the appearance, organization, and layout of Website / App and underlying software code belong to us or our licensors.

29. Incase our technicians are not available at any particular location, we will arrange other technicians, who are not related to our company.

30. When you book the order or when our servicemen come and complete the work you have to do only online payment. If online payment is made we will be keeping the amount with us and we pay to Servicemen after confirming that your issue is resolved. We can't do anything if you give the money directly to Servicemen.After booking the order you can also pay through "Pay Now" on Order Details page.

31. After your order is confirmed, Just press the Call Now button on the My orders page and talk to our service men. We are not responsible for any phone conversation on their personal number.

32. When you call from the app it is recorded to improve our service.

33. We may modify these Terms of Use and Our policies from time to time, by updating this document. You should continue to use the Website / App or Services following the posting of changes will mean that You accept such changes.