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We can nott imagine our lives without electricity, to run any device we require power. when you are in need of any service & repairs just remember we are here to help you surely. Just make a dial/click on our website named AtoZ, you can also check-out services & benefits. We send you a well-trained professional to your home at a reasonable service cost. We provide service within slot-time of your choice. Our ultimate aim is to satisfy you & electricians are very efficient in handling the issue.

Types of service we offer are:

  1. Electrical repairs/Fixes:-
    All repairs and fixations are done by our well-trained electrician.
  2. Lights/Tubes:-
    Safely lights and tubes are fixed at your desired location of choice.
  3. Fan repair/fitting:-
    Fans are fitted and all repairs are been done at affordable price.
  4. Plugs/Switches:-
    Switchboards and plugs are fixed on your requirement.
  5. House wiring:-
    Electrical wiring for lighting, power distribution, permanently installed & portable appliances etc are given wiring without loose connections.

why select AtoZ service:

* We provide 30 days warranty.
* We offer service within slot-time.
* Genuine spare parts replaced when old ones get damaged at a fixed cost.
* We offer service in both commercial and residential spaces of your choice.
* AtoZ service is very authentic & charges a reasonable cost for its service.

Our team works dynamically:

We accept both online and offline registrations and send an efficient electrician to your door-step within the slot time. you can get relaxed & your appliances will get into working condition soon. We charge a reasonable cost for our service. Our ultimate aim is to satisfy you.

Problems are seen in Electrical wiring:-

  • Tripping circuit breaker,
  • The junction box that is uncovered,
  • Improper earthing/grounding,
  • Overloading,
  • Dimming/Flickering or burning out light bulbs.